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Prizl is not Kickstarter. And here's why.

with Prizl with Kickstarter for example
You pay only after what you wanted done happens. You pay before. Rewarding someone after they do something, instead of paying someone up front, and hoping they do it.
You can nominate someone to do something you want. Only people who start projects can get funding. Nominating someone to do something for a award, instead of saying "That'd be awesome if _!" then twiddling your thumbs.
You only pay for performance! There's no guarantee that you will get what you pay for. Offering awards instead of prefunding = paying only for performance!

Frequently Asked Questions

What is Prizl?

Prizl is a really new, super-fun marketplace for things that don't exist yet. We join people who want something done with those who can do it. Imagine Prizl as a platform for petitions with money awards attached.

We do that by accepting payments and holding this money in a special escrow account, then paying out if what you wanted to happen actually happens—and refunding your money if it doesn't. A "Prizl" is basically a money award offered to someone for doing something we want.

Why in the world would anyone use Prizl?

Prizl users (Prizlers!) use Prizl because they believe that their payments are a means of communication, and want to use payments as a way to make really cool things happen. Because Prizl is "pay only for performance", you can imagine using Prizl as purchasing things that don't exist yet: you're shopping for the future.

In the connected age, we can find better ways to frame and present just what we want done. Prizl is a way to capture, legitimize, and advertise what the democratized web really wants. Even if the Prizl Goal is not accomplished, by signaling just how much we want something that doesn't exist yet, we've shared an important piece of information with other people.

How must does it cost to use Prizl?

For contributions $20 or below, there is only a flat $1 fee. For contributions above $20, there is only a flat 5% fee. These costs offset our credit card processing fees, which are a pretty standard 2.9%+$0.30 on every transaction.

How much can I contribute?

As much as you want! It's up to you.

How long do I contribute for?

Some Prizl campaigns will have set ending dates. Others will be open-ended. On the open-ended Prizl campaigns, you'll be able to contribute to a Prizl for as long or short as you want. With these Prizl Campaigns, we're not sure when the Prizl Goal will be accomplished. At the bottom of each Prizl campaign page, you'll see a graph which shows how much money and for how long other Prizlers have contributed.

What happens to my contribution after its processed?

We hold this money in an escrow account with our online payment provider, Balanced Payments, which is based out of San Francisco. It's important to note that we aren't a bank, and we can't legally do anything with it. We don't even really have it: our payment provider's bank has it. This money is earmarked as an award for the successful completion of the Prizl campaign. Prizl is a marketplace.

It's just there for the taking, waiting—desperately hoping!—to be exchanged for the awesome things we're trying to make happen. :)

What happens if the Prizl Goal isn't reached by the end of my contribution period?

We refund your contribution in full. Paying only for performance, yay!

What happens if the goal is reached?

We pay whoever did it 100% of the Prizl Bank. Mission accomplished woohoo!

Can I start my own Prizl?

Yeah! That's the point! Just fill out the form here. We prefer our Prizls two ways: (1) funny and punny or (2) much-needed and sincere. Or all of the above, like our Prizl for Wayne's World III !

What can I do with Prizl?

Many things. You can nominate your friend to do something funny for charity, or nominate a celebrity to do something, or nominate yourself to do something really ambitious, or make a Prizl for a much-awaited movie sequel, or petition-with-money your favorite band to reunite. Or something even cooler: like an ultra-efficient lightbulb or car. Or to pay a collegiate athlete after he graduated. Or to literally save the life of a rhinoceros. Or for McDonald's to include healthier drink options in its Happy Meals—or whatever!

But a Prizl does have to satisfy these criteria:

  1. It must be legal, duh
  2. It must be also be actionable (so we can't pay Al Roker if we have a nice week of weather—he didn't do it).
  3. It must be verifiable (we can pay Al Roker if he predicts the temperature with 10% more accuracy this year over last year—there's good data for that).
  4. Finally, a Prizl must not be mean-spirited, but rather be made in good faith and with some social good function in mind.

How long does a Prizl last?

If it's open-ended, as long as there's still money in it. Or, there could be a specified end-date. It just depends on who starts or administers the Prizl.

Who can accomplish a Prizl?

For some Prizl campaigns, there might be a sole recipient specified. For other Prizl campaigns, it might be open to anyone to solve.

Who judges whether a Prizl has been accomplished or not?

For each Prizl campaign, an Administrator is listed at the top of the Prizl Page. This person could be the same person who started the campaign, or it could be someone else.

Who works at Prizl?

Prizl was founded by Tony Klausing, who was writing his Economic PhD dissertation when he thought of this idea. There is also a web developer named Joey, and they both live in Chicago.

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